The birth of the S-Network, a universally applicable trustworthy repository, should enable users to make and access reliable publications and secure deposits. The S-Network combines secure long term data storage and preservation in a computer network with permanent non-repudiation accessibility of its content and legal validity.

Trustworthy and secure services in computer networks are required for many applications in varying market sectors, including eCommerce, eGovernment, and eHealth. The S-Network is intended to become a platform for applications that have most stringent requirements, e.g. fair contract signing.

Johannes Viehmann

Dr. Johannes Viehmann is the innovator of the S-Network.

Born on the 28th August 1980 in Hagen (Germany), he grew up in Gevelsberg where he visited Pestalozzi elementary school and Städtisches Gymnasium grammar school / academic high school, graduating in 2000 (Abitur diploma).

After doing his military service in Wuppertal, Johannes Viehmann started in 2001 to study computer science at the Leopold-Franzans-University of Innsbruck (Austria). From 2002 till 2003 he also worked there as a tutor. He made his Bachelor in 2004 and his Master in 2007. His idea for the S-Network was born in these Innsbuck years.

Next he moved to Berlin and started his own company IKUL. His novel "Die Naide" was published in 2008.

In 2010, he got a scholarship and joined the Integrated Graduate Program in Human-Centric Communication (IGP H-C3) at the Technische Universität Berlin to write his PhD thesis about the S-Network. The completed and 2019 successfully defended thesis is available at

Since 2010, Johannes Viehmann works as a senior researcher for the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS) in Berlin. was created by:

Johannes Viehmann

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